"Account" means a user account, which is required for some access to the Service, including some activities on the Site (such as submitting Creative Content), and in order to obtain a Subscription, as well as a license for the Software. An Account, by itself, is not a Subscription or license for the Software.

"Creative Content" refers to Submitted Content, such as island design and story elements, created by a Subscriber for use within the Game, as permitted by Potential Games for the Service. Only Subscribers are permitted to submit Creative Content.

"EULA" means the Potential Games End User License Agreement, which applies to all Software.

"Game" means the Island Forge™ game.

"Manual" means any printed or electronic manual or other documentation of the Service or Software.

"Member" means a user with a valid, active Account.

"Potential Games" means Potential Games LLC, an Ohio limited liability company.

"Privacy Policy" means the Potential Games Privacy Policy, which apply to the Site and all Services.

"Service" means any services operated by Potential Games, such as the Game and aspects of the Site, and encompasses all technical and business aspects required for the operation of such services.

"Site" means and related websites, including, and all other websites operated by Potential Games.

"Software" means any software distributed by Potential Games, such as the Island Forge™ game client.

"Submitted Content" includes any data in any format transmitted in any manner by any user (whether a visitor or Member) to Potential Games. Such content includes without limitation any information transmitted by software on the user's computing device, as well as information derived from the use of computing, networking, and/or telecommunications technology used to communicate such content. This definition includes email and any other means of communication with Potential Games. This definition includes Creative Content and other content submitted by Subscribers via the Game or associated Services, such as in-game chat.

"Subscriber" means a Member with a valid, active Subscription.

"Subscription" refers to any of the subscription plans for Services offered under the Subscription Terms, including free trial subscriptions.

"Subscription Terms" refers to the Site page showing the terms and pricing of various subscription plans for Services, which are listed on the Subscription Terms page.

"TOS" means the Potential Games Terms of Service, which apply to all Services.

"Visitor Agreement" means the Potential Games Visitor Agreement, which apply to all visitors to the Site.

Version Date: Sep 21, 2011